Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Feel Good News

It's Friday, and in my books, that means it's time to feel good. Let's set aside the doom-and-gloom stories for a moment and focus on some good news!


In the aftermath of the election, I found it a little harder for me to come up with something to feel good about this week. Then I realized that it's all a matter of perspective. Instead of being pessimistic and focusing on the fact that the Conservative Party has formed the new majority government, why not be optimistic and applaud the NDP for the huge gains it made to become the new opposition! For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, check out CBC's Canada Votes 2011 site.

D'Arcy Island, part of BC's Saanich-Gulf Islands riding that Elizabeth May won.

Most importantly, I want to feel good because Elizabeth May won her riding in BC. Although the Green Party received far fewer votes nationwide compared to 2008, they now have a voice in Parliament for the first time in history. Let's not ignore how huge this is just because we're busy worrying about what our robotic prime minister will do next!

This is democracy in action, folks, and it's a sign that a growing number of Canadians don't feel that the big boys in red and blue can act with the people's best interests at heart. Nevertheless, we're stuck with a Conservative government, and the next few years will be a little unsettling for those of us with a green mindset, that's for sure. So for encouragement, I leave you with one of my favourite Chinese proverbs: the man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. When Elizabeth May won her seat in a riding that has been held by the Right for most of the last 58 years, she carried away one of those stones. Let's help carry away the rest!

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  1. I have to admit that it's hard not to feel powerless in times like these. What can we, mere mortals, do against the power of robotic monsters like Stephen Harper?

    But seriously, it's probably going to be a rough handful of years. Cuts to everything that we love and makes Canada great, increased funding to both companies and people looking to get rich quickly at hte expense of the environment and our health.

    But we must remain positive. Something about never doubting that a small group of dedicated individuals can change the world, and all that.

    Plus, with any luck, the Conservatives will mess up so badly we'll get another 6 consecutive socialist governments as a result!

  2. Haha, six is aiming a little high, no?

    At this point I'm just hoping we don't elect a Tory government in Ontario this fall. But even if that happens, I will resist the urge to move to Sweden - some of us have to stick around to fight the good fight!

    Random aside: this afternoon I found myself in a waiting room with a TV showing news, and when an image of Prime Minister Harper appeared, I grimaced and cringed! Hahaha... not just a robotic monster, a creepy looking one.