Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Green Roof is Growing!

I'm happy to announce that a new green roof has been built by Access Alliance, and it will serve as a learning grounds on topics such as planting and maintaining vegetable gardens, healthy eating, organic growing methods, as well as broader environmental topics. Come to the launch party tomorrow night!

Join us at Access Point on Danforth to celebrate our new Green Roof!

Tuesday July 12th
6:30 - 8:00 pm
3079 Danforth Avenue

You are invited to:
-      Take a tour of the Green Roof
-      Taste recipes freshly made from the garden
-      See a slideshow of the first Spring Season
-      Plant a seed in the organic vegetable garden
-      Learn about the benefits of Green Roofs

As of spring 2011, the Green Access Program is a new program based at the Access Point on Danforth, with the bigger vision of supporting broader Environmental initiatives.

The Green Roof is used for community engagement and to promote environmental awareness and healthy eating. Programs are tailored to meet the needs and interests of participants and participating organizations/groups. Programs include garden drop-in, public events, educational workshops about food and the environment, hands-on gardening and volunteer training. As it gets established, the Green Roof will be a demonstration project to inspire other health service providers.

For more information, please contact Lara Mrosovsky, Green Access Community Animator at the Access Point on the Danforth, at 416-699-7920, ext. 405, or visit the Access Alliance website.

Have you visited a green roof or rooftop garden? Are there any near you? Should the government be forcing big corporations like Walmart or Home Depot (and other businesses with large warehouse stores) to install green roofs to help reduce their ecological footprint?


  1. I love all your happy green news Andrea. It just makes me so - well, happy! This is great. I have never seen a green roof up close and personal and yes I think every box store and mall should either install solar panels or green roofs. And high rises! And apartments! And schools!

  2. I'm glad this makes you happy, and I'm glad I can find enough good news to keep us all going!

    I think different types of roofs are candidates for different types of uses. In Canada, sloped roofs are ideal for solar panels, and obviously green roofs need a horizontal surface (though I've also seen living walls in building lobbies that blow my mind). Imagine if a supermarket were to grow its own veggies on its roof?

  3. The purpose of the green roof is inspiring. It's good to share things related to nature! The project will increase awareness on the benefits of helping the environment.

  4. Green roofs! I'm so happy that there are people who use some of their spare time to contribute for a greener world. I hope this awareness spreads for us to experience an eco-friendly world as soon as possible. :)