Friday, September 30, 2011

Planet in Focus 2011

October is when the sun rises later and sets earlier... the air has that shiver-inducing chill in the morning... the leaves explode with colour... and the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival returns! Get ready for another five days of screening the best new documentaries and videos about the state of our natural world.

For the 12th year of PiF, the spotlight is on landscapes. The selection of films will look at how rising sea levels, slash-and-burn agriculture, post-industrialization, the globalized food trade, desertification, glacial recession, and the generation of coal and nuclear energy are transforming global land and seascapes. In total, 100 Canadian and international films will be shown, and audience members will have a chance to interact with many of the producers and directors during post-screening Q&A sessions.

But the festival isn't just about watching movies! The Industry Series includes two days' worth of panel discussions and workshops, where professional filmmakers will discuss film production, distribution, and development funding within the environmental film industry. PiF also strives to raise awareness among children and youth with weekday morning and afternoon programming full of educational and informative films designed for elementary and secondary students. Not only that, but the Green Sprouts! Youth Filmmakers' Showcase will feature films made by youth, for youth, including those made during PiF's own Youth Camera Action! video production camp.

When I volunteered at the festival last year, I had a great time. Although I shed some tears (some of the films are very moving), I also learned a lot. That's why I'm returning for another year to help make the week a success and bring the green message to a wider audience. PiF is on from Wednesday, October 12th, to Sunday, October 16th. Check out the full schedule here, and buy your festival pass today, before the presale ends!


  1. Looks very cool Andrea. Have fun! There must be one in Boston? I'll have to check around.

  2. Thanks Lori! I'm heading to the volunteer orientation session tonight.

    Re: festival in Boston, I did a quick online search and found out that a few years ago, a bunch of environmental docs were shown at the Coolidge Corner Theater as part of the Muddy River film series. Sadly, the website for it no longer exists, so maybe it was just a one-time event. That's too bad!