Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Will You Be Doing on 10/10/10 Besides Eating Turkey?

I suspect you have very few other plans, but this post will hopefully change that. Sunday is the date for this year's Global Work Party, which is basically about getting together with neighbours to take action against climate change. The goal is let the government know that everyday people can and do make a difference, and that they've fallen behind on their responsibilities: to change policies, to draft new legislation, to sign treaties.

Thousands of groups in over 150 countries have already planned events for October 10th. You can search for one near you here. Or, if you have an even better idea for a project, sign up to host your own party here.

Here are the ten favourite ideas as posted on the site:
  1. plant trees
  2. install solar panels or a solar hot water heater
  3. work on a community garden or organic farm
  4. ride your bike to raise awareness, or host a bike repair workshop
  5. set up a small-scale wind farm
  6. increase energy efficiency by installing LED or CFL lights, weatherizing your home, or scheduling an energy audit
  7. start a Transition Town in which there is increased awareness of sustainable living and a community-led response to the pressures of climate change and fossil fuel depletion
  8. work together with the members of your religious community to brainstorm ideas
  9. pick up litter, dispose of it appropriately (compost, recycling, and landfill), and beautify your neighbourhood
  10. join the 10:10 Global campaign to help cut carbon by 10% per year starting in 2010
So go out on Sunday! Meet your neighbours, feel proud about your community, get some exercise and fresh air, work on an exciting project, and send a strong message to the government. Then go home and eat local, sustainably raised turkey.

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