Monday, April 11, 2011

Green Living Show 2011

Back for another year and better than ever, the Green Living Show is coming to Toronto this weekend!

A living wall growing at the show.

Come to learn about easy and workable solutions to make your lifestyle more sustainable. Exhibitor booths fall into broad categories like Home & Garden, Energy & Green Building, Health & Wellness, Transportation, Environmental NGO, Recreation, and Green Business, plus there will be demonstrations, speakers and forums on the main stage, and activities spread over all three days of the event. Highlights include an Eco Youth Day Forum, the Green Toronto Awards, an Eco Fashion Show, and the Green Living Health Forum. There will also be an EcoKids Zone with crafts and games, Farm Fresh Fare (a selection of gourmet meals prepared with local, seasonal ingredients), and new for this year, the Good Eats Market! I'll be volunteering with Local Food Plus (LFP) to bring a farmers' market right to the heart of the show floor. It will feature growers and producers that are certified local and sustainable by LFP.

Another Green Living Show perk!

Last year, I had a great time at the Green Living Show. I discovered the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, learned more about Bullfrog Power and AutoShare, signed my Buy to Vote pledge with LFP, sampled great food, and bought chemical-free personal care and home cleaning products. The best part? Gaining free admission by bringing in electronic waste for recycling! Here are the details:

Date: Friday, April 15th, to Sunday, April 17th

Time: 10 am to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday

Location: Direct Energy Centre

Admission: $12, or free when you bring electronic waste for recycling.

I hope to see you there!

Photo credits: living wall; tasting sign.


  1. Can you believe that I've never been to a single green public event? Nope. Not one. How lame is that? This one sounds like a great opportunity to learn and connect with other local greenies. I'll have to see if there's one around me coming up soon to live up to my desire to be a more public type of greenie.

  2. It's not lame! Many people avoid the Green Living Show because it feels too commercial, or they're worried the exhibitors are engaged in greenwashing, or they don't like the idea of spending a beautiful spring day inside of a convention centre! But I wouldn't want to miss out on learning about new initiatives and green businesses, and eating really tasty food. :)

    Let me know if you find a show like this near you.

  3. Ah, the GLS... an excellent opportunity to both learn about a handful of companies that are trying really hard to do good work, and to learn about a bunch of other companies that are trying really hard to make it LOOK like they do good work! The few times I've been I had a great time, though... although the food offerings are sometimes hit-and-miss.

  4. To be fair, this show features much less greenwashing than the "eco" section of other shows, but I know what you're talking about. Thankfully, many people are becoming a lot more savvy when it comes to scrutinizing green products and services, and there is increasing demand for legislation that forces manufacturers to disclose all ingredients in their products. Things are getting better!

  5. Can't wait to hear about the show.

    Love the green wall!

  6. Yeah, living walls are amazing. There's one in a downtown building lobby that smells like a rainforest! What a nice experience when it's not green and mild outside.