Friday, December 3, 2010

Lock Your Bike and Look Cool Doing It

In keeping with the spirit of this blog, I always endeavour to promote environmentally friendly lifestyle choices that keep you in good health. That's why I'm a big fan of cycling and telling you about bike-related news that could convince you to ditch your four-wheeler for your two-wheeler. Remember the inflatable helmet I wrote about in October? If maintaining a perfectly styled head of hair while cycling isn't cool enough for you, check out this new bike lock:

I'm fairly certain the whole process takes longer than 16 seconds, but you have to admit, this is an appealing way to secure your bike. It's also a great conversation starter! But you can't buy it. That is, while searching the Conrad website, I discovered that the lock was created when one of the company's build teams was challenged to design the craziest lock they could come up within a span of two weeks. Now Conrad is asking its customers to see if they can pull off the same feat, with some help: the list of items actually used in construction and a "making of" video. So grab a German-speaking friend and check out the details here.

Thanks to Jonathan Hiskes with Grist for sharing this story.


  1. Oh oh oh! I saw this video the other day! Looks pretty cool but I would think it's heavy or cumbersome to carry around. Plus, I'm curious about the municipals by-laws about these hanging around the city, you know how the officials are like when it comes to the beautification of the city.

  2. And we know how Toronto's new mayor feels about biking... didn't he call cyclists "a pain in the ass for motorists"?

  3. Although this looks very neat, I have to wonder how well it works if the pole was slightly wet from a little rain... even if it isn't available for purchase.