Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Transit City Needs You!

Time for a multiple choice question! Are you...

A) interested in creating livable cities
B) worried about the greenhouse effect and global climate change
C) frustrated by traffic congestion
D) concerned about your health
E) all of the above?

If you answered E, or at least a few of the others, and if you live in or will be visiting Toronto on Saturday, then you should come out to help save Transit City! The Transit City plan calls for an extensive, electrically-powered light rail system through areas currently unserviced by rapid transit. New mayor Ford wants to put a halt to the work that is already being done on this project. Actually, his exact words to reporters after a meeting with the TTC were, "Transit City's over. The war on the car is over. All new subway expansion is going underground". In response, Spacing Toronto has organized the first in a series of canvassing events to organize supporters and educate the public on the issue, no doubt including how much of a waste would result from abandoning the work that has already been completed, how much money would be lost from what already went into said projects, and the cost of breaking contracts worth $1.3 billion that have been signed. This is no small issue.

Saturday's canvas will take place in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood - that's Ward 16, represented by the new TTC Chair, Councillor Karen Stintz, who remained loyal to the Transit City plan throughout her campaign prior to the municipal election earlier this fall. So, if cutting rapid transit plans is unacceptable to you, check out Spacing Toronto for more details on how to get involved.

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