Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring

In honour of the first full day of spring, please enjoy these bright and sunny pictures I took on Saturday while planting basil and tomato seeds with Young Urban Farmers CSA.

making teensy holes

We are lucky to have access to some space in a greenhouse on a farm in Mount Albert. It was a strange feeling to walk around in a t-shirt on an otherwise chilly and windy day.

prepping tomato seeds

It's incredible to consider that so much can come from so little: minuscule seeds grow into huge plants that produce lots of food, and all we humans have to do is pull a few weeds and ensure the soil stays moist.

seed surgery

I got to take home a some Globe Basil seeds that had been saved from last year's harvest. I will be starting my windowsill garden soon.

Check out what else is already growing in the greenhouses!


  1. Those are some might purty pictures you took there! Strange to think that there are such green spaces buried under all that snow and ice outside!

  2. Yup, greenhouses are awesome. This was such an oasis that I starting thinking about whether I might work a short contract in a greenhouse like this one next spring, just for the therapeutic effect!

  3. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them!

  4. Andrea-I love your photos. Looks like a wonderful day! Happy Spring.

  5. Thank you Lori! It was definitely easy to forget about the cold outdoors on that day. :)

  6. Fun stuff - I did some seed starting at my CSA last year - it was great to get out and see the farm!

  7. Yeah, it feels right to go to the place where it all begins. It still amazes me to look at soil and seeds and think about how much food we get from so little!